mbs dry dust extraction

Suction cabin with mechanical dust suppression system.

Inside the MBS there are four cartridge filters installed per linear metre ensuring 99.8% effective filtration in full compliance with European and international regulations.

The use of cartridge filters in place of traditional bag filters ensures a greater filtering surface and, consequently, less maintenance. The effectiveness of backwashing is ensured by a compressed air tank with 19 litres per linear metre.

The polyethylene (rather than the traditional paper) cartridge filters ensure a greater life cycle, greater resistance and less maintenance.

The operation and use of the DRY MODULBOX system requires the operator to work in the front of the suction module.
The dust produced by the operator is suctioned using fans inserted in the MODULBOX MBS located on the upper part of the machine. The dust, which is captured by the cartridge filters, is suppressed by 99.8% effective mechanical filtration in full compliance with European and international regulations.

The machine, which is designed for modular construction, is equipped with 4 cartridge filters per linear metre ensuring a greater filtering surface and thus reduced maintenance.
The cartridge cleaning cycle is performed through a compressed air blower process, commonly called a cyclone, contained in a tank with 19 litres per linear metre installed on the back of the suction cabin and controlled by a solenoid valve.

The compressed air backwash system causes the work dust to fall completely into the drawers below where the dust compaction is performed. The pressure and frequency of the air backwash can be regulated using a digital cyclic timer with a built-in differential pressure meter. At this point, the filtered air comes out of the top of the suction cabin driven by the fans in the cabin. The machine can also be accessed for extraordinary filter maintenance through the front and rear panels that can be easily removed.

Our machines are equipped with category IE2 energy saving electric motors.

A front box (fixed or mobile) of various sizes, in plexiglass, steel or in sound absorbing panels can be added upon request, allowing the user to work at moderate distances, improving suction in the work area.

If the ceiling of the workshop is too low or is not greater than 6 m high, we recommend using a PLENUM or a frame with filtering panels to apply to the fan air output for better air dispersion in the work area without disturbing the operator with bothersome turbulence.

The advantages of the MBS dry system:
– Constant filtration guarantee over time and certification from the German institute, IFA-BGIA;
– Maximum reduction of periodic maintenance;
– No humidity;
– No problems related to water and mud movement;
– Lower installation costs
– Suitable for operations in closed areas or those without adequate channelling

It is powered by:
– A power panel that is up to EC standards and American UL-CSA
– Highly energy efficient motors (category IE2)
– 4 cartridges per linear metre (16.5 m2 of filtering surface each)
– Polyethylene cartridges with greater resistance and life, washable.
– 2 removable dust collection drawers per linear metre.
– Front panel with adjustable suction slits
– 1 pressurized tank with 19 litres per linear metre for efficient cartridge backwashing

Characteristics of the material used in our filtering cartridges: br – Oil and Water Repellent
– Mechanical Resistance to air firing about 10 times greater than the traditional paper cartridges
– Permeability about double at equal efficiency

Difference compared to other dry cabins: – Greater filtering surface: this means less maintenance, preventing continuous filter change and continuous production of solid urban waste
– Better quality of the filter material, therefore better resistance, better duration over time and a longer life
– Better air quantity available in backwash, for a more efficient cleaning process that ensures greater filter life.