Water recycling systems for the workers’ world.

Company History

T.C. Turrini Claudio srl was born at the dawn of the 80s as a simple metallic carpentry, founded by the actual director Turrini Claudio. Since 1994 the company started the production of decanting plants for the recycling of waste water coming from glass, marble and granite processing. Over the decades, the experience and the continuous contacts and discussions with the customer, the first true business partner, have made the T.C. Turrini Claudio leader in the field.

The quality of materials, the attention to the design stage and the ability to produce all its machinery from the flat sheet to the complete product in its two factories are the strengths that have led the company to achieve standards of quality unmatched in the field, making it a reference point in the Italian and international market.

Thanks to a technical study that uses three-dimensional design software generation and to a constant research in the field of industrial automation, T.C Turrini Claudio srl is projected towards new challenges with the strength of the experience and enthusiasm of ideas.

Turrini USA was formed in 2017 as a full partner of Turrini Claudio and is the sole importer of our machinery in the North American Market.

Headed up by a prominent American with a huge amount of experience in the Industry and supported technically by our most experienced European agent, well versed in the North American Market, Turrini USA is expanding both its sales and technical support network. Currently with more than 8 people across the continent.

Turrini works worldwide with some of the biggest fabricators and producers and processors of material in the Stone Industry.